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Cashvertising Business & Economics Audiobook | By Drew Eric Whitman

Written By Sunday Morning on Sabtu, 20 Juni 2020 | Juni 20, 2020

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Cashvertising: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone, Drew Eric Whitman 

Written By: Drew Eric Whitman

Narrated By: Johnny Heller
Publisher: Vibrance Press

Date: May 2017
Duration: 6 hours 19 minutes

Business & Economics > Marketing & Advertising



FACT: Your brain is being controlled-and you don't even know it. Because if you think the ads you're seeing today are just pretty pictures with nice, creative copy, you're mistaken. Truth is, you are being powerfully influenced by dozens of proven scientific principles of advertising psychology... little-known techniques of consumer persuasion that go completely unnoticed by the buying public. And they're causing you--and millions like you--to spend enormous amounts of money every day on... about Cashvertising: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone countless products and services. But what are these principles? How do they work? And how can you use them in your own advertising? Prepare yourself for a unique learning experience as author Drew Eric Whitman takes you on a wild, roller-coaster ride through the streets of New York's famed Madison Avenue and teaches you the specific psychological techniques that today's top copywriters and designers use to influence the masses... and how you can use them to rapidly increase your sales, no matter what you sell. In 207 fast-moving pages, Whitman teaches you dozens of well-guarded secrets that he learned during his 30+ years in the ad business, including: * How to Push Your Prospects' Hot Buttons in Every Ad, Sales Letter, or Email--It's not hard to do once you know the secret. * Why Developing Your 'USP' Can Leave Your Competition in the Dust--It's the quickest way to instantly begin out-marketing your competitors. (And they'll never know what hit them.) * Why You Don't Need a Degree in Business to Create Great Ads--But there is one thing you MUST know or your ads will likely fail miserably. * How to Develop a Powerful Ad-Agency Mindset--What the pros know about consumer buying behavior and how you can use it to your advantage. * How to Save $600 for Every $1,000 You Spend on Ads--This idea alone is worth infinitely more than the price of this book...and you can start using it immediately. * The Amazing 5-Second, No-Fail Headline Test--Chances are your ads, emails, websites and other promotional materials fail this test every time. One small change boosts your response. * What a Good Ad Should 'Feel' Like--How to connect to readers on a deep, emotional level. * How to Install Persuasive Images in People's Brains--Learn how to direct how people think about your products and services. * Why People Really Buy Your Product or Service--Sorry, but it's not what you think. (But you better know the reason... or else.) * Where to Always Put Your Biggest Benefit--Miss this and you're flushing your ad dollars down the toilet. * How to Write 'Dragon-Slayer' Headlines that Get Read and Get Response--Tons of examples you can 'steal' for your own ads. * Long vs. Short Copy: Which Is Really Best for Response? Don't believe the lies! We'll set the record straight and you'll learn to cash-in. * How to Use the Devilishly Effective Pyramid Principal--Lure readers into your ads by understanding human eyeball behavior. * 22 Tested and Proven Headline Prescriptions you can start using RIGHT NOW. * How to Turn Ordinary Words in 'Money-Magnet' Copy that motivates, influences, persuades. (Yes, you can really do it.) * Put Your Copy Here and Boost Readership by 10-200%--Why doesn't everyone do this? * 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Start Writing Your Ads--So easy, it's almost automatic. * How to Cause People to Mentally Demonstrate Your Products... Before They Buy. * How Emotional Words Melt Sales Resistance a Red-Hot Knife Through Butter. * 'Sneaky' Ad-Design Psychology Tricks that Work Like Magic--Start using them tonight. * Typestyles that Actually REDUCE Readership--Are you using them? * This 'Evil' Design Sin Depresses Your Readership Up to 50%--Do you do it? * Widely Used Typeface LOWERS Comprehension Up to 67%--Are you using it? * The Eye-Grabbing 'Advertising Guillotine'--The one image humans can't resist. * And Much More...

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